miércoles, 3 de marzo de 2010


Instant Non Employee Message

Un día en el INEM, y ya que aquello se considera un fenómeno global, hoy te escribo en inglés

It´s not easy to combine tastes and resources, but I surely think that once you know how to guide yourself through a large list of recipes, you can also manage your petit budget and presume of a great meal.

Counting down my pennies and skills - till I get that new job - , I come back to my place and although I could pass by the groceries I give it a try staring at my almost empty pantry.


I do have some carrots, a few onions and garlic, as always, and those black greek salty olives that you brought me once. Oh, let me look better; salty, extra salty anchovies that match perfectly with the light sweetness of the carrots.

So easy to complete a full healthy meal by dusting this tepid salad with some thyme or oregano, remind that both blossom in spring time.

How to

The strong initial taste will be the one of the kalamata olives, if you do typically like olives you´ll just adore the greek ones. Though, when you take the second bite you can perfectly say how that those two left anchovies stand out.

Poach carrots 10 minutes or until fork tender.

Cut the carrots, onions and garlic into slices or julienne and mix them all. Arrange on the top with a few black olives and the anchovies, dress the salad with olive oil and garnish with oregano, thyme and fresh milled black pepper.

Is unemployment considered unsuitable for gourmet lovers? I commonly suppose not. Less money creates superior dishes; less ingredients remind me of the traditional Mediterranean cooking, and I just cannot resist to be a part of it.

Still staring at my few pennies and skills, possibly tomorrow I will be passing by the delicatessen[1] of my quarter. In there, maybe i´ll buy some delicious pickles and taste them with you, until I ´ve that job of mine. And what about the wine pairing? I could bring along a pale white verdejo.

Till then, bon appétit.

P.d. Nieves, the second shot goes for you. That´s your cactus, blossoming like a thyme in spring time.

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degratis dijo...

Great linguistic skills and fine recipes. Nice over head shot too. The carrots looks like "jamón" in the small photo or it is because cut it off the whole pig leg I had in the kitchen...?